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[My son’s] disposition and concerns are virtually gone. I noticed them slowly disappearing … after we were [instructed] by
Dr. Jamila Owens-Todd, N.D. Basically, with diet changes and a personalized treatment plan…the results have been amazing. He is so much more relaxed and he says he even feels better. We are thrilled with the results! Dr. Owens-Todd is a wonderful woman! This is the most improvement we have seen in him in two years. Our family has spent tens of thousands of dollars on surgery, out of network doctors, massages, books, medicines and such and what he needed in the first place was a [basic plan of health and a few tests].


I am taking the opportunity to thank you for assisting me with my overall health concerns. I came to you, on the recommendation of my daughter, as a result of being uncomfortable with my MD's responses to my health concerns. My medical doctor (internist) is all too quick to write a prescriptions to correct symptoms; and in the case of my orthopedic doctor, surgery is the answer. My intuitive feelings led me to feel that my senior life should not be reduced to drugs and surgeries.

As a result of my initial visit, you redirected me to an understanding of not treating the symptoms of my health concerns, but to identify and treat the causes of the symptoms...look at my overall health and root causes. You took the time to listen to me talk about aches/pains, foods I like to eat, things I like to do, etc. You never made me feel you had other places to be or things to do. You asked questions to get a clear understanding of me and my health concerns. As a result, you are helping me to identify proper nutrition and other needs to correct my overall health related issues that will allow me to live my remaining life comfortably. I now read labels and eat more healthy foods prepared in a healthy manner. I do not feel that I am dieting, and I really feel good and enjoy the foods. The recommended nutrient supplements are providing me much more energy than before in that I now exercise more frequently and losing weight!!

I do not feel that I am alone as I start this new path in my life. The beauty of working with you is easy access. You do not keep me waiting long when I have an appointment; and should I have questions, I can contact you and get responses via email or phone. I am so appreciative of your newsletters which add another dimension of keeping your patients informed.....Awesome!!!

I really believe that I am on a firm path to good health for my future and have you to thank for this.

I thank you and thank God for bringing me to you.
Mother Ray



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