The following is our current list of Naturopathic services:

Constitutional homeopathy
A constitutional homeopathic remedy looks at your total physical, mental and emotional self and addresses or prevents any deficiencies. Homeopathy is a form of biological medicine that is based on the understanding that healing comes from the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

Homeopathic medicines are safely prescribed to individuals with disease symptoms based on the principle of ‘like cures like’. Homeopathy may be used to treat a wide variety of conditions which affect the skin, heart, lungs, kidneys, or other physical and emotional ailments.

Individualized Botanical Medicine [Herbal Medicine]
Customized botanical/herbal preparations that work to heal physical concerns. Scientific research supports the use of standardized plant extracts for the treatment and prevention of illnesses. Many pharmaceutical drugs are concentrated chemical derivatives from plants. Botanical medicine in its natural state is effective, yet provides a balanced and gentle affect without adverse side effects.

Naturopathic Pre & Post Natal Support
We offer total care health programs that encourage a more peaceful and balanced prenatal and birthing experience. We utilize physical medicine, gentle botanical prescriptions, Homeopathic Medicine, hydrotherapy and the private care of a Doula. In the postnatal period, we assist with decreasing stress, minimizing emotional imbalances and maximizing physical healing.

Holistic Pregnancy Program
Naturopathic or Holistic Medicine focuses on healing the mind, body and spirit. In pregnancy, it is important to strive for optimal health for the mother and child in order to share the best birthing experience possible.

Historically, pregnancy was observed as an illness. It is important to redirect our understanding of pregnancy to the correct, more healthy concept of conception/creation. Pregnancy is the ultimate state of creation and helping to facilitate this creative, sacred time is our mission with in this program.

At MINT, the goal of our Holistic Pregnancy Program is to increase health and energy in addition to preventing physical complications. We work to achieve this goal by focusing on specific dietary modifications (with an emphasis being on the best foods to consume during this time), proper exercise prescriptions, using herbal and homeopathic medicines, addressing mental/emotional health and concentrating on general health and well-being during the pre and post-natal periods. The program extends to the child’s first year.

Drainage & Detoxification
With each day, we are exposed to numerous toxins that can easily accumulate within the tissues of the body. These toxins build up over time, creating a toxic state and can further create dysfunction within the body. We provide healthy and safe applications for detoxifying the system. Our drainage and detoxification programs are selected based upon specific organ systems and their imbalances.

The goal of drainage and detoxification is to first identify and eliminate the toxin and then to increase the healthy function of your organs and overall health to prevent toxicity from occurring again.

A form of natural medicine based on the use of very concentrated essential oils from the flowers, leaves, bark, branches, rind or roots of plants with purported healing properties. In aromatherapy, these potent oils are rubbed on the skin, sprayed in the air, inhaled or applied as a compress. The aroma of the essential oils stimulates the brain and the oils are absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream, where they can affect the whole body and promote healing.

The therapeutic use of hot and cold water, as a gentle treatment to increase circulation to affected areas, bringing nutrients, removing waste products, focusing the immune system and stimulating the body's ability to heal.

Cancer Support & Prevention
Clinically proven, holistic therapies are utilized in order to prevent cancer occurrence and reoccurrence as well as assisting in a long-term prevention program. Safe and effective integrative therapies are applied with current chemotherapy protocols, in order to enhance healing and recovery. Naturopathic Medicine is highly effective in working alongside Medical Doctors and Oncologists in order to promote whole health. Naturopathic Medicine can also work to eradicate precancerous conditions.

Cholesterol Reduction Program

Elevated cholesterol is a rising problem in our society, and conventional treatment utilizes Statin Therapies that may be beneficial for some, but has been confirmed as extremely harmful for others. At MINT, we have proven, safe, Naturopathic therapies that help to reduce cholesterol and the risk of cardiovascular disease.   

Exercise prescriptions
Personalized exercise protocols that are catered towards any physical limitation or restriction.

Dietary Counseling
All diets have to be assessed based upon your background and optimal nutrient absorption.

Flower Essence Therapy
Like homeopathic medicine, flower essences are vibrational in nature and work through the various human energy fields, which in turn influence mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Its most significant impact comes from re-balancing emotional states, which are the causative factors behind most, if not all, illness. Flower essence therapy encourage a realignment of the emotional self with the spiritual self.

Educational seminars
Lecture and seminar courses to individual groups and corporate organizations.

Certificate courses
Certificate granting courses on Naturopathic Nutrition, Women’s Health and Herbal Medicine.

Private Naturopathic counseling services
Individual or group Naturopathic counseling available to all age-groups.

Touch For health
Jamila Owens-Todd, ND is a certified Touch for Health Practitioner and offers this service to all patients.

Touch for Health (TFH) is a system of balancing posture, attitude and life energy to relieve stress, aches and pains, to feel and function better, to be more effective in clarifying and achieving your goals and enjoy your life. TFH draws not only on over 30 years of development and integration of techniques in Kinesiology, but thousands of years of philosophies and sciences of living well, proven by what we feel is the truest and best means: direct and personal, subjective experience of a better life.

Touch for Health therapy can achieve the following:

. Accelerate recovery from illness and injuries.
. Reduce or eliminate many different kinds of pain: headaches,
  backaches, stomach aches, etc.
. Prevent future health problems.
. Increase energy and counteract fatigue.
. Show you immediately which foods are undermining your energy.

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The following is the current list of areas we specialize in:

 Autoimmunity and Immune Health
 Cardiovascular Health
 Diabetes management
 Children's behavioral disorders 
 Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia
 Diabetes & Insulin Resistance
 Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
 Allergies, Cold & Flu
 Women's Health
Men's Health
 Geriatric Health

 Blood pressure control
 Smoking Cessation
 Crohn's/Colitis & Gastro-Intestinal Disorders
 Acne & Skin Health
 Mental Health (Depression & Anxiety)